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We are thrilled to announce the official start of the countdown and the long-awaited ticket sales. The last year and a half have been very humbling to us all. The entire world was driven into a wild ride nobody has thought could happen in our lifetime. But, life always finds a way. Humanity has endured many hardships throughout its existence, and through it all, always endured, persevered and continued to grow and evolve. As the Chillary Festival’s family, we are proud to walk in the footsteps of our ancestors and reclaim the life we want to live. We invite you wholeheartedly to come join us at our beautiful home in the Ukrainian virgin forest, and be a part of the long awaited restart of our status quo – a blissful existence driven by love.

Everything you love and missed for the past year and a half will be waiting for you better than ever. Like the feeling you get after the first rain of the year after a long summer has passed, or like a favorite childhood food you haven’t had for years. We invite you to claim your place in the Chillary Festival and write an exciting new chapter in your life.


The fantastic Chillary journey will take place within a magical Ukrainian forest, with crispy fresh air all around and hypnotising pinewood aromas. Our forest of choice is overflowing with life, there’s no doubt in our hearts that you will be awe struck at the sounds and sights of the un-touched Ukrainian wilderness. In addition, the location of the festival comes equipped with a shore of a large body of fresh water that will provide the partygoers with a much-needed breeze and abundance of warm rays of sun.


Chillary Festival 21’ is coming, and we are working hard on giving our guests the absolutely best possible outdoor festival experience.

You are to expect 3 days full of TRIPLE A worldwide DJ’s who are set to bring, straight to you, their best music after a long year of inactivity – We can feel the electricity already building up, can you?

Our gathering will start with delicious and sexy chillout sessions. Next, when everybody is in the right zone – hours of energetic and all engrossing Psytrance!
You will rave until you drop, rest and rave again.


The Ukrainian forest biome is beautiful in the summer, the birds are out, filling the air with all kinds of mesmerising melodies. the flowers are at full bloom, showing off their amazing colors trying to entice the bees to choose them over all other beautiful flowers. In our mind, this is the perfect setting for an art gallery. We have hand-picked an amazing ensemble of creative visual artists that will present their most unique masterpieces for you to admire and see the universe from a different point of view. The vast area of ​​the forest that surrounds the musical gathering will turn into a fabulous, living and breathing gallery, what is planned: Painters, Sculptures, Jewellery Makers, Festival-Ware, attire, and accessories 
Many more surprises! 

All the artworks presented in our mind-bending gallery are available for purchase directly from the artists. You could take a piece of Chillary Festival back home with you as a souvenir, support a local artist and have a reminder from what we hope will be a life enhancing experience.


chillary festival food

Ever had Borscht? How about Pelmeni? No? Well, you are in for a treat. But let’s go back in time a little bit shall we?

When the first ideas about the Chillary Festival experience were emerging into the world, they were about many things – musical style, locations, artists, timing, and other logistical stuff. When the picture became a bit clearer, we started homing in on the crucial details, such as food and beverages. We’ve been to countless festivals all over the world, far and wide, tasted and drank everything they had to offer and enjoyed ourselves quite a bit. Then the idea hit us right on the head – instead of the generic and predictable, let’s go local (!) and surprising. And oh boy, we sure did. We have invited a few of the leading Chefs in Ukraine to curate a menu that can only be described as a world class local cuisine. Sourcing local, fresh produce from the farmers not far from the Festival’s location, we are set to provide you with the local taste of Ukraine.

The open Bar will be serving our visitors 24 hours a day and will be stocked with the best ingredients, so your favorite drink is always a few steps away. Make sure to visit the fresh juice & shake stands, they will be offering soothing and indulging shakes in all shapes and sizes. 


In our vision, a music festival is more than the music being played across it’s stages. Even the earliest festivals had side shows and various workshops to bring something extra to the experience of its visitors. So again, walking in the footsteps of giants, we have decided to bring you a 360° experience, that we hope will leave an ever-lasting impact on our guests. Our vision specifically for the Chillary Festival is one of healing, regaining a balance in our lives, and of complete harmony with the world that surrounds us. Producing a large-scale festival is no easy feat, with everything that is going on, and all the stars that need to align to make this a reality. But making a choice of what kind of a message we would like to send our guests home with, was possibly the hardest. We have spent countless hours (still do!) to find and book for you the most precise artists and practitioners from all over the world, that we feel, will bring out the true potential of our plans for this festival and its attendees. From Fly-Yoga and a Ceremonial Tea House to Meditation and mindfulness, we encourage you to check out and take part in the activities planned and possibly open your mind to new experiences..

A full list of planned activities, workshops and artists will be published soon. Stay tuned.