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Chillary Festival TERM & CONDITIONS

Chillary Festival TERM & CONDITIONS

Chillary Festival is a yoga festival initiated and organized by LLC “RiseYoga Space” ( (The Festival organizer) that will take place on 30 July 2021 – 01 August 2021 at the specially arranged location near Kiev (The Festival).

This document stipulates the terms and conditions applicable to relationships between potential visitors of the Festival (Visitors) and the Festival organizer, establishes the rules of conduct at the Festival, and is placed on the Festival web-site under the link (T&C).

This T&C are mandatory for all visitors of the Festival. Prior to purchasing a ticket online/ a bracelet at the entrance to the Festival each potential visitor is obliged to familiarize with these T&C.

Each potential visitor of the Festival shall read this T&C carefully. In case of misunderstanding of some part of these T&C the potential visitor may apply for clarification of its content to his/her legal advisor and/or contact the Festival organizer directly via [email protected]

The Festival organizer reserves the right to change these T&C at any time. Any amendments to T&C will be posted on the web-site. This is a potential visitors’ responsibility to check the web-site periodically or at least prior to the Festival’s date to be aware of any respective changes to T&C.

In the event of any breach of these T&C, the Festival organizer reserves the right to nullify tickets, to refuse entrance to the Festival, to expel a visitor from the Festival. In such cases the Festival organizer isn’t obliged to compensate the price of the tickets to the Visitor.


Under these T&C the Festival organizer obliges to arrange the Festival and to sale tickets for participation in the Festival to potential visitors of the Festival. Upon purchasing of tickets (excluding cases of purchasing tickets at the last day of the Festival) each Visitor receives the right to participate in the Festival during 3 days (30 July 2021 – 01 August 2021), including the right to stay at the Festival location; to camping at the camping area of the Festival; to use sanitary accommodation available at the Festival location; to participate in all master-classes and yoga classes that will take place at the Festival, to enjoy arranged music program. The Visitor who purchased the ticket at the last day of the Festival receives the right to attend Festival at the last day of the Festival. Food and water are not included in the ticket price.

The potential visitor of the Festival may purchase e-tickets on-line on the official web-site of the Festival organizer under the link (web-site), that contains the following information: the name of the legal entity of the Festival organizer, identification code, legal and actual address, phone number, e-mail. The Festival organizer may involve the sub-agents for E-tickets sales to whom the requirements regarding the information on the web-sites apply. The official sub-agents will be listed on the Web-site. E-tickets purchased from a non-official sub-agent will be considered as invalid and will not allow the buyer to visit the Festival.

The on-line mode purchasing of the e-tickets by the potential visitor shall be made through use of the payment systems, defined by the Festival organizer or his official Sub-Agent (Mastercard, VISA etc.). The logos of such payment systems may be placed on the Website of the Festival organizer or the websites of the official Sub-Agents. Such placement could not be interpreted as a violation and/or encroachment on the intellectual property rights to such logos.

The e-tickets cannot be exchanged or resold.

The e-tickets will be personalized by QR-code. For the purpose of purchasing e-ticket the potential visitor shall provide his/her valid name and surname.

A buyer may purchase more than one ticket at once. In this case valid name and surname of actual e-ticket holder (visitor) shall be registered for the purpose of purchase.

Prior to making a payment for the e-ticket(s), the buyer shall get acquainted with appeared on the background screen of the Website (or in the Shopping cart) information about the total cost of the order, which consists of the cost of the e-ticket (s), the amount of additional fees, which the Buyer is obliged to get acquainted with. By purchasing ticket, the Buyer confirms his consent with these T&C and the total cost of the order.

The Sub-Agents of the Festival Organizer, in case of their involvement in the e-tickets sales, are also obliged to inform the Buyer about the total cost of his order.

The Festival Organizer and the Festival Organizer’s Sub-Agents are entitled to increase the total cost of the order with the amount of service fees or propose the additional services on insurance of the ticket to the Buyer, only in case of prior notice of the Buyer on the background screen of the Website when purchase ticket. The Festival Organizer and the Festival Organizer’s Sub-Agents are not entitled to charge interest, other fixed payments on the amount of the order, commissions, or otherwise increase the total cost of the order indicated on the background screen of the Website (or in the Shopping cart) at the moment of purchasing ticket.

After successfully processing and paying for an order, the e-ticket(s) will be sent to the email address of the potential visitor (s) indicated in the order. If a message with the e-ticket(s) attached isn’t received, it’s necessary to contact the official Sub-agent or the Festival organizer directly by the contacts on their Web-sites.

The Festival may refuse any corrections to personal information registered for the purchase of e-ticket (-s) due to technical reasons.

If T&C does not provide otherwise, the e-ticket(s) will allow entrance to the Festival only in combination with a valid ID/passport of potential visitor – holder of the ticket where the name and surname match the ones registered for the e-ticket purchase.

At the entrance to the Festival, the visitor exchanges a ticket purchased from the Organizer or its official Sub-agent for a bracelet (Bracelet). The bracelet gives the Visitor the right to enter the territory of the Festival, move freely and go out the territory of the Festival. Please do not remove, cut or damage your Bracelet. In the event that the Visitor’s bracelet is removed, lost or seriously damaged (which gives the Organizer reason to doubt whether the bracelet belongs to the Visitor), the Organizer has the right to demand from the Visitor identity documents to identify the Visitor and verify the Visitor’s identification data with the data in the lists of visitors. If no matches are found in the list, the Organizer (individuals authorized by the Organizer) have the right to expel a visitor from the Festival.

Purchased tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. In accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, a refund of money for the tickets to entertainment events shall be carried out by the Organizer (or an authorized Sub-agent) only in case of cancellation or change of the dates of the Festival at the request of the person who bought the ticket.

The Organizer refunds the money on the basis of an electronic file with a ticket / photo / scanned copy of the ticket, as well as the identity document, to the Visitor’s bank account on the basis of provided details. Only the nominal value of the ticket shall be refunded, the Service fees and the cost of other additional services are non-refundable. The Festival organizer reserves the right to change the festival agenda, entertainments or their timing due to any unpredictable circumstances without being obliged to refund or exchange tickets.

The organizer has the right to refuse in return of tickets for reasons other than those listed above.

These T&C come into force as soon as a potential visitor clicks on the “Buy” button on the Web-site prior to tickets purchase or makes an appropriate mark in the questionnaire provided to a potential visitor at the entrance to the Festival. By purchasing ticket, the potential visitor confirms to the Festival organizer that he/she has read these T&C and accept them.


The Festival Organizer/ his representatives may refuse the individual to attend the Festival if he/she threatens the security of the visitors or may cause any problems in the Festival Organizer’s opinion or the opinion of the Festival security. By accepting these T&C the visitors provide their consent to be searched at the entrance to the Festival by the Festival security representatives for the purpose of all visitors’ safety.

The following visitors are forbidden to entrance the Festival:

  • which are under the influence of alcohol, chemicals, drugs or other type of substances;
  • those suspected by the Organizer of using or distributing narcotic, toxic, psychotropic or other types of substances that affect the physical or mental state of an individual;
  • those drinking alcoholic drinks near the entrance to the Festival;
  • which behave aggressively towards other guests and / or the Festival staff;
  • those suspected of committing illegal actions in relation to other visitors of the Festival, the Festival staff or property;
  • which cause discomfort to other visitors of the Festival (at the discretion of the Festival security);
  • which violate or refuse to comply with these T&C;
  • which violate the rules of conduct in public places and other provisions of the current legislation of Ukraine.

It’s strictly forbidden to bring drugs to the Festival. The individuals attempting to violate this rule will be denied to enter the Festival.

It is strictly forbidden to bring to the Festival the following stuff: glass (any kind), gas/aerosol cans, laser equipment or laser pens, gas canisters, fireworks, rockets, Chinese lanterns, chainsaws, generators, any objects that can reasonably be considered to be used as weapons, motorcycles, scooters, personal motorized vehicles (unless a electric-scooter, electric-bicycle for movement).

The burning of plastics, bedding, tents, furniture are prohibited at the Festival. The violating person will bear responsibility under the current legislation.

The Festival Organizer (persons authorized by him, the Festival security) reserves the right to check the Visitors’ stuff at the entrance to the Festival. The Organizer has the right to ask the Visitors to leave things, objects found on the Visitors, determined hereby as prohibited at the Festival, outside the territory of the Festival. If the Visitors refuse to fulfill the requirements of the Organizer (persons authorized by him, the Festival security), the Organizer has the right to refuse such Visitor entry to the Festival.

The Visitors are obliged to set fires according to the rules placed at the Website. The Visitors may ask the Festival Organizer representatives for a help with setting up the fire.

If the visitor(s) is/are caught urinating or defecating in inappropriate places (other than a toilet), such visitor(s) gets the risk of immediate ejection from the Festival.


The cost of tickets purchased prior to May 16, 2021 (including) is UAH 2200.

The cost of tickets purchased from May 17, 2021 to June 13, 2021 (including) is UAH 2500.

The cost of tickets purchased from June 14, 2021 to July 29, 2021 (including) is UAH 3000. The online sale of the tickets via the Organizer and Sub-agents Websites stops at 23:59 on July 29, 2021.

The cost of the tickets purchased at the entrance to the Festival at the first day of the Festival July 30, 2021 is UAH 3000. The Visitors have the right to buy a ticket at the last day of the Festival August 01, 2021 for UAH 1500.


The Festival Organizer doesn’t set age limits for attending the Festival. For the individuals under the age of 14 the entrance is free. The individuals over the age of 14 are required to have tickets to enter the Festival. In this case, in accordance with the provisions of current legislation of Ukraine, the individuals under the age of 18 have the right to visit the Festival accompanied by at least one parent, other legal representative, or other person who accompanies such child and is personally responsible for him. Accompanying persons must have tickets to enter the Festival.

In case of accompaniment of a child by parents or legal representative, it is necessary to provide the Organizer with documentary proof of the child’s age, as well as documents confirming the relationship to the child.

In case of accompaniment of the child by unrelated persons, the person responsible for the child provides documentary evidence of the child’s age, as well as writes a note accepting all responsibilities and risks associated with the child’s presense at the Festival.

Parents / guardians / other responsible persons are fully responsible for the children they accompany at the Festival.

If a person does not provide a valid document confirming the child’s age, relationship to the child or refuses to draw up the note, such person and the child will be denied entry to the Festival.


All visitors acknowledge that they could be photographed, filmed and recorded at the Festival.

By accepting these T&C each visitor gives his/her explicit consent to be photographed, filmed or recorded at the Festival.

All visitors are aware of the fact that all videos, photos and audio materials made on the Festival may be used for promotional and/or marketing purposes by the Festival organizer.


At the Festival the visitors are fully responsible for their property, vehicles, personal stuff etc. The Festival organizer will not be liable for any loss, injury or damage incurred at the event, including damage, theft or loss of property and vehicles, if the reason is caused by the negligence of visitors or unforeseen actions of third parties.

The visitors shall use bins provided by the Festival Organizer to throw out the trash.

The Festival is pets-friendly. If a visitor brings his/her pets to the Festival, such visitor is fully responsible for these pets’ behavior and any damages caused by them. The Visitors with dogs have the right to enter the Festival only with a leash on the dogs. The Visitors with dogs are forbidden to let the dogs move thought the Festival territory freely without a muzzle and attached sign with name, surname and phone number of the Visitor (pet owner) indicated therein, which shall be prepared prior to the Festival by the Visitor on his own.

The Festival organizer/ its representatives are not responsible for goods or services purchased from third party traders.

The pyrotechnics, lasers, fume machines, strobe lighting and special effects may be used during some performances.

The parents, relatives or people accompanying the children are aware of the fact that some areas of the Festival, especially in front of the stages, are dangerous for children. All parents/relatives/people accompanying the children are responsible for their children during the Festival.


By accepting these T&C each person confirms his/her full voluntary unconditional consent given to the Festival organizer for the collection and processing of his/her personal data in the following volumes: name, surname, ID/passport data, telephone numbers, email addresses.

These persons permit the Festival organizer to perform all actions which, in accordance with the Ukraine Law “On Personal Data Protection”, are the processing of personal data, according to the purpose of their processing for the purpose of carrying out the Festival.

These persons confirms that prior to the submission of the order, they are acquainted with the rights stipulated by the Ukraine Law “On Personal Data Protection”.

These persons agree to the processing, storage and transfer (distribution) of their personal data to third parties, solely for the purpose of carrying out the Festival, to the entities related to the realization of this purpose and does not require notification of transfer (distribution) of personal data, which are included in the personal data base, if such transfer (distribution) is made solely for the stipulated purpose.

The Festival organizer is obliged not to provide potential visitor’s personal data to any third party, except for the purposes of carrying out the Festival. This data is considered as confidential.


The visitors will be allowed to camping at camping area of the Festival.

The visitors have the right to come to the Festival with their caravans/campervans, but they shall bring it to the Festival and complete all the work on its installation 3 hours before the start of the Festival. The visitors will be able to take the caravan/campervan from the Festival only after the end of the Festival at the Festival organizer direction.

The visitors will only be able to accommodate such a caravan in a place specially designated by the Festival organizer/ its representatives.

Any trading is forbidden from caravans or campervans.

All litter must be cleared from the visitor’s pitch and put into bins provided or taken home with him.


The vehicle parking at the area of the Festival is forbidden. The visitors may park their vehicles at their own risk near the Festival area.

Each visitor should follow these T&C. The Festival organizer reserves the right to expel the persons who do not follow these T&C from the Festival.