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Chillary Festival 21’ is coming, and we are working hard on giving our guests the absolutely best possible outdoor festival experience. We have gathered around us an assortment of long time veterans with years of experience in producing outdoor festivals, events and parties. We are fully geared to orchestrate a 3 day long music festival in a true European standard.

You are to expect 3 days full of TRIPLE A worldwide DJ’s who are set to bring, straight to you, their best music after a long year of inactivity – We can feel the electricity already building up, can you?

Our gathering will start with delicious and sexy chillout sessions, smooth sounds and playful beats are sure to bring you closer to your center.
Next, when everybody is in the right zone – PsyTrance – Hours and hours of energetic and all engrossing Psytrance! You will rave until you drop, rest and rave again.
After this amazing euphoric and ecstatic dance ritual – It’s time for some healing. We plan to bring all the Psychonautes back to earth with the healing sounds of live music, to help you balance out and regain your human senses. 


U-RECKEN   Vadimov Wagashibrothers Art Imagination Project  ATOMIC SIMAO  Zymosis  Hardcore buddhist ◊ Ufo8mycat